Your Temporary Earthly Physical Body
and Your Permanent Angelic Soul Body

While it is true one has only one life in a single physical body, the ancient truth, (know by all Desposyni), is that one incarnates into multiple temporary physical bodies over a long period of time so one may gain memories from one’s experiences in free will decision making and also in dealing with the consequences of one’s free will decisions. One’s memories are one’s units of Consciousness. This fact of life was taught long ago by our ancestors, Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We teach this ancient wisdom and our ancestors’ heavenly techniques today in our Classes and Recordings.

You already know that your physical body is temporary with Consciousness and memories from only this lifetime. However, the ancient truth is your full Consciousness and memories from all your lifetimes are contained in your permanent 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Body. As recorded in the ben Panther family records, one continues to reincarnate into a series of temporary physical bodies until one’s permanent Consciousness fully expands with a sufficient number of Angelic level achievements of properly helping others.

Once one has fully expanded the Consciousness of one’s 3D brain to the size of one’s 4D Mind, one doesn’t have to reincarnate any more in temporary physical bodies. One is able to remain in the joyous environment of the 4D Angelic Kingdom. Those few humans who have already Ascended must remain in the Angelic Kingdom until a large majority of the 7 billion humans now living upon planet earth, live an Angelic lifetime and Ascend. If most of the human race Ascends then individual Ascended Humans who are worthy will receive a 5th dimensional Archangel’s Soul Body.

If this happens, the Ascended Ones of humanity will graduate as adult Seraphim Archangels from the children’s level of Cherubim Angels up into the bliss filled 5th dimensional Kingdom of Heaven. Humanity is but the last of the 4 species of intelligent life forms upon planet earth to receive an Angelic Soul Body. The Chaldean Hykos Old Testament refers to these 4 species of life forms in Ezekiel’s fictional vision, where it says he saw “the likeness of 4 living creatures”, each “had 4 faces and 4 wings”, each “had the face of a man, face of an eagle, face of a lion and face of an ox”.

As seen in ancient paintings and pottery, the ancient truth and fact of life is that humanity is the 4th intelligent species in 3rd dimensional physical bodies upon planet earth to receive a 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Body. This is the reason why, thousands of years before the fictional Old Testament was written, the Sphinx was built by a Son of God to depict the 4 intelligent species of life forms of planet earth who have received an Angel’s Soul Body. The Sphinx has the face of a human, the wings of an eagle, the body of a lion and the tail of an ox.

If humanity some how fulfills its destiny to attain the 2nd of the 9 levels of Christ Consciousness and become Archangels, (before the rainbows disappear from wireless technological energies and the sun goes nova to energetically cleanse this area of space with fire as prophesized in the Book of Revelations), then today’s Archangels will be able to graduate and Ascend up into the 3rd of the 9 levels of Christ Consciousness and enter the 6th dimensional Kingdom of Heaven. It looks doubtful humanity will fulfill its destiny but we remain hopeful and we are now risking our lives to bring you the Truth on this website.

We continue to train people, (upon whom we have bestowed an Archangelic Soul Body during an Activator’s Class), to use the “Rapture 5th dimensional energies of Bliss” every week to fly with the Archangels. In this way, our Love Fest participants are now properly prepared for the prophesized Time of Physical Body Ascensions, when the few we have trained will merge their 3D earthly physical body, 4D Angelic Soul Body and 5D Archangelic Soul Body into Oneness and permanently Ascend into the prophesied place where there is no pain, suffering or death, the place we have temporarily visited for years in our 4D Angelic Soul Body and 5D Archangelic Soul Body during our weekly Love Fests.

The choice is yours. Many were called but few have chose to become ready and worthy to meet our ancestors.






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