Your Choice – Normal Conditional Love
Energies of Happiness and Unhappiness or
Unconditional Love Energies of Joy and Bliss

Do not become confused by spiritually immature people’s word games, Unconditional Love Energies are not Conditional Love Energies “without conditions”. Conditional Love Energies are the energies of happiness, unhappiness, anger and rage that exist in the 3 levels of hell. All Desposyni know that our 3D reality is but the highest level of hell. Conditional Love Energies are earthly energies but Unconditional Love Energies are Heavenly energies and there are 9 dimensional levels of Heavenly energies.

The Unconditional Love Energies of Joy, Bliss and Beyond Bliss are merely the energies of the 3 lowest levels of Heaven. Now, your brain lives on the 3rd and highest dimensional level of hell, while your Mind lives on the 4th and lowest of the 9 dimensional levels of Heaven. However, if you wish, you can choose to use your brain’s 3D Conditional Love Energies to access the 4th and higher dimensional levels of Unconditional Love Energies.

The lowest level of Unconditional Love Energies are those of 4th dimensional Joy which are experienced by humanity every night during deep sleep as explained in our Classes and Recordings. Conditional Love Energies are given to others with the 3rd dimensional brain of one’s temporary earthly physical body. Unconditional Love Energies are given to others with the 4th dimensional Mind of one’s permanent Heavenly Angelic Soul Body.

Conditional Love Energies are temporary because 3D physical bodies are temporary unless one completes a Physical Body Ascension. In this process one Ascends with one’s physical body together with the “4 Wings” of one’s 4D Angelic Soul Body and “6 Wings” of one’s 5D Archangelic Soul Body. One Ascends to the prophesized place where there is no pain, suffering or death as taught and experienced in our Activator Classes.

We recommend our Love is the Answer recording to hear more information about Conditional and Unconditional Love Energies. Recording also includes a unique Love Energy Technique.

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