Unconditional Love Energies and Merkabas

A Merkaba is Unconditional Love Energies in action. Merkaba is a word that was created 4,400 years ago by the Egyptian Thoth Hermes Trismegistus. Thoth and his wife Seshat described in their 100,000 scrolls of wisdom and knowledge, that the word “Merkaba” consists of 3 separate Egyptian words, “Mer”, “Ka” and “Ba”.

2,000 years ago, our ancestors the Egyptian Gnostic rabbi Yeshua/Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene read their ancestors’ Thoth and Seshat’s scrolls at the world famous Library of Alexandria during their “honeymoon time” of newly weds during which they visited Egypt’s pyramids and the Library of Alexandria as well as England’s Stonehenge.

“Mer” refers to one’s Love Energies, while “Ka” refers to one’s permanent 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Body and “Ba” refers to one’s temporary 3rd dimensional earthly physical body. A 1st level Merkaba is naturally created when one uses both 3rd dimensional Conditional Love Energies and 4th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies to merge the brain of one’s 3D earthly physical body with the Mind of one’s 4D Angelic Soul Body.

Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene daily activated 9 levels of Merkabas and taught their One Merkaba Activation Technique to their disciples, including conservatives like Peter and his brother Andrew. However, the Advanced Activations of Merkabas they only taught to the Love oriented Spiritual Adepts among their disciples.

Please realize that a One Merkaba Activation is the natural birthright of every human upon planet earth. Thus, Ga Ra and Za Ra, (who daily activate 9 Merkabas), worked unceasingly for the last 5 years to condense their ancestors’ wisdom and techniques into a 4+ hour set of recordings.
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It used to be that anyone could easily activate a Temporary Merkaba and attain Temporary Enlightenment using the Love Energies from a devout prayer or a deep meditation. But, due to the unnatural rainbow killing, loveless, wireless technological energies of today’s digital world, attaining even Temporary Enlightenment is no longer easy.

It is the birthright of every human to access their Angelic Soul Body and be able to activate a 1st level Merkaba, however only those who are properly taught our Sacred Merkaba Love Energy Techniques are able to receive the gift of an Archangel’s Soul Body and learn how to properly activate an advanced 2nd level Merkaba in our Activator Classes.

Activators Classes are taught by Love Energy Techniques Adept Teachers who daily activate 7 Merkabas. We teach in our Healer Classes the proper Activation of 3rd and 4th level Merkabas so one is enabled and empowered to work with Healing Crystals to heal people of their health problems. Our Healers today, just like Love Energy Techniques Healing Adepts 2,000 years ago, can heal people of health problems with just a “laying on of hands”.






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