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The Truth about Negative Ions

Negative ions have been proven to be healthy to both the human Mind and Body. Conversely, positive ions have been proven to be unhealthy and cause nausea, headaches, sleeplessness, etc.

As a spiritual person in the 80s who successfully survived the New Age Movement, the Eldest Brother was one of the gullible ones who purchased a negative ion machine, because it promised peace and relaxation. However, he threw it out with the trash a few months later, due to the positive ions emitted by the machine’s use of electric power.

After 14 years of contemplating ancient documents and his own experiences from personally using the documents’ ancient techniques, the Eldest Brother was able to finally learn how to sing, (in the proper way), the ancient songs that change positive ions into negative ions.

Ancient songs are, once again, being used to infuse the wondrous good feelings of negative ions into today’s tap and bottled water. But before we give you a brief explanation of our ancient alchemical process, let us explain to those who don’t know, exactly what the difference is between positive ions and negative ions.

Positive Ions – Atoms that are missing an electron.
Negative Ions – Atoms that have an extra electron.

Today’s tap water and bottled water molecules are in positive ion configurations. Thus, Elder Brothers and Sisters of our 8,000 year secret lineage use ancient ceremonies to add electrons and transform the positive ions in today’s bottled and tap water into negative ionized Super Healing Waters.

Our ancient lineage’s Super Healing Waters’ molecules contain 2 extra electrons and before one drinks Super Healing Waters, one has an option. If one wishes, one can say our lineage’s ancient prayer.

This prayer contains the highest level spiritual energetic name of God and enables one to properly request God’s help in one’s self healing. One ends our lineage’s special prayer in the ancient way, with the highest level spiritual sound, not the energetically weak sound of Amen.

This entire ancient alchemical process is fully explained in our new set of 3 CDs for the Self Healing of All Diseases. When one says this prayer, the heightened energies of the prayer enables the third electron to be added to every H2O water molecule, a process which creates maximum negative ion healing energies.

The final prayer results in each of the 3 atoms in an H2O water molecule having an extra electron to become a negative ion. This configuration of 3 extra electrons enables all atoms in a water molecule to orbit faster than the speed of Light and creates our 8,000 year old lineage’s Sacred Miracle Healing Waters.

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