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Alchemy Works at the Sub-Atomic Level

“Alchemy” is based upon the conscious use of electrons, neutrons and protons. Ancient alchemists used “philosopher’s stones” to add electrons, neutrons and protons to atoms of tin and created atoms of gold.

Technological machines used to bust up complete units of energy are incapable of transforming one type of atom into another type of atom.

This same 10,000 year old alchemical process was used for millennia to cure diseases. Next week an alchemical cure for all diseases will be available for downloading from the Desposyni website. Now, if something is not real, then one doesn’t pass laws against it.

  • 300 AD Roman Emperor Diocletian orders all books on alchemy destroyed.
  • 1317 Pope John XXII issues “Spondent Pariter” condemning alchemist to exile and heavy fines for merchants dealing in alchemical gold.
  • 1404 Henry IV in England issues edict declaring use of alchemy to be illegal.
  • 1814 Bullet of lead alchemically transformed into gold in front of an army officer and a doctor. (Bullet and affidavits are located in London’s British Museum).

Many people who question alchemy have never studied alchemy. Yes, like Newton, I believe in alchemy, because like Newton, I have studied it and used it. I have a university degree and in the 50s worked as a technical engineer on rocket propulsion systems.


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