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Why Electrons Around the Earth Disappear During Solar Storms

The entire world of electrons, protons and neutrons is misunderstood by today’s scientists, because they have machines that break up the energies of electrons, protons and neutrons. By studying broken pieces of energy, they perceive they have discovered some type or new form of matter.

Humanity has forgotten they once had the ability to move electrons, protons and neutrons into different configurations. People have forgotten that long ago, spiritual adepts were able to alchemically transform atoms of tin into gold by adding electrons, protons and neutrons.

Desposyni have 10,000 years of records and our 1,981 year long vow of silence is now over. The key to alchemy is learning to move electrons which are at a higher dimensional level than protons and orbit at speeds faster than the speed of light.

Higher dimensional energies from a solar storm cause the electrons around the earth to temporarily go into a higher dimensional state of existence. Thus, electrons around the earth seem to disappear during solar storms because their orbital speeds have temporarily increased.

Once the energetic excitation of the solar storm passes, the electrons reappear a few hours later when their orbital speeds decrease. It is electrons that are the key to healing all human disease according to our ancient records.

Our vow of silence is over, next week we release information that can cure all human diseases, test results have shown not just cancer remission, but the complete removal of cancer viruses.


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