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Ghost Hunters and Ghost Removal

The popularity of Americas Science Fiction Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” indicates people are interested in “Super Normal” activities. A recent Ghost Hunters show filmed at the Naples Hotel in upstate NY, was found interesting by a Desposyni Elder Brother.

He used to visit the hotel, until a car crash paralyzed him. (He found the Desposyni, self healed himself and now walks by himself). Since our Vow of Silence has ended, he asked me to write a few words to describe “Topper” and explain why the other “spirits” could not create “intelligent haunting” communications at the hotel.

Now, one 4 letter word can change everything, “Fxxx you” causes fights, but “Make Love You” changes the energy. Accordingly, if I add “Holy” to the word “Ghost”, everything changes. Desposyni know Jesus taught people about karma and reincarnation. The term “Holy Ghost” is a reference to the permanent us, for our earthly physical bodies are temporary homes for our “Holy Consciousnesses”.

The spirits of those who died in an angry state of “Mind”, angry at how they died, etc., densify their permanent Holy Consciousness, preventing them from reincarnation for a long time. The atoms of their Holy Consciousness have become so densified that they can move objects, knock, etc., as portrayed in the movie, “Ghost”.

Ghost Hunting is easy, there are more angry spirits every day. “Partial possessions” and “ghost” visits are arising. If one is having problems, contact a Desposyni, we’re experienced in removing ghosts as well as giving exorcisms.


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