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Bill Gates, the demon who uses big money to hinder Natural Health Care

Bill Gates sure loves the headlines and is shown giving money to health care oriented charities in the form of promissory notes. However, do you know what the promissory note means? As a former CPA who is knowledgeable about Bill Gates’ operations, I can tell you.

Gates will not give them the money if they use any types of natural medicines or natural healing treatments to help people. As long as they use only technology and chemical pills with negative side effects, they will be able to receive the money in time. Like Steve Jobs, I also find Bill Gates “flawed as a human being”. Interestingly enough, we could have saved Steve Jobs from dying of cancer, and you could say it was Gates who prevented it.

After 12 years in seclusion, in 2009, with our 1,981 year long Vow of Silence almost over, I chose to meet in Seattle with the most senior Elder Brothers and Sisters of the Desposyni’s 10,000 year long lineage ( As trained healers, they had “sung broken bones” back into place and healed a boy blind from birth, as well as healing people of cancer and AIDS just by using Rapture Love Energies.

We located a newspaper article about a place called “Harmony Hill”. The article said they used meditation to help people recover from chemotherapy. However, when we contacted them to offer their patients free Love Energized Healing Treatments so they could self heal themselves, the spokesperson screamed, “Yes, we believe in spiritual healings, but they won’t happen here at Harmony Hill because we have a $500,000 grant from the Bill Gates Foundation that specifically forbids spiritual healing and requires us to only work with medical doctors”.


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