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The Morgellons Enigma

The Morgellons enigma mystifies orthodox science. Dis-eases and dis-comforts of the body which orthodox medical science cannot answer are called illnesses “that exist only in patients’ minds”.

However, one should be aware science cannot tell us where our Awareness goes when we sleep, or why some people get certain diseases and others don’t. Medical science is good for bullet wounds and placing casts on broken bones.

Science knows almost nothing about the mind-brain-body connection. Thus, any disease they cannot understand, they say is “in the patient’s mind”. Yet science hasn’t studied the mind, they have only studied the brain. Their lack of True Knowledge means they can only treat dis-eases or dis-comforts of the body with chemical pills.

As the secret underground Desposyni Church’s last Eldest Brother, I have access to 10,000 years of records that contain the mysteries of the brain and DNA, as well as the history of our universe and solar system.

Our 1,981 year long vow of silence has ended. We can now say these ancient records contain a series of healing techniques that can cure all human body diseases. The same healing techniques that have been curing people of cancer can cure Morgellons.

In early February, we will begin releasing a new and ancient cure for all forms of disease, including cancer, AIDS, etc.


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