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LeRoy’s Teen Girls are not Hysteric

Dr. Laszlo’s diagnosis of mass hysteria as the cause of a mysterious illness affecting 12 local girls, (in LeRoy, NY population 8,000), is incorrect. Laszlo’s treatment is, of course, fill the young girls with unnatural chemical pills, and see which pill works, if any.

As the Desposyni’s Eldest Brother, I have access to 10,000 years of information about health treatments. Our 1,981 year long Vow of Silence ended last year, thus we Desposyni are now releasing ancient wisdom and ancient self healing techniques as fast as we can.

Now, LeRoy’s young girls are the same as young females everywhere, the DNA in their brains is genetically programmed to first process information using negative ions, before processing the same information using positive ions. Large numbers of positive ions result in a stressful state of alertness, while large amounts of negative ions create a peaceful state of relaxation.

Excessive amounts of positive ions cause problems for human physical bodies. In today’s world, excessive amounts of positive ions are found in our water, air and food supplies. In addition, a large number of positive ion energy devices are being used in military and university/corporate experiments. As a result, people are unhappy and human illnesses are now rapidly increasing.

In February, we Desposyni, will release our ancient wisdom and ancient health techniques for the self healing of cancer and other types of diseases in a set of three CDs. Tomorrow, we begin releasing our ancient Sacred Miracle Healing Waters.

Our sacred waters come with complete instructions on how to activate the healing energies contained in the gold and silver negative ions within our Sacred Miracle Healing Waters. Unfortunately, there are few Desposyni left due to the assassinations of all American Desposyni Elder Brothers and Sisters in the 1800s. Fortunately, we do have a secret underground Desposyni Church that is located within 50 miles of LeRoy, NY.

If LeRoy’s 12 girls and/or their parents would like to receive, at no charge, some glass jars of our Sacred Miracle Healing Waters and our ancient self healing technique, then please contact us. Our ancient technique will enable the girls to transform the excessive numbers of positive ions in their bodies into negative ions. If you promise to keep our location secret, email me at .


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