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All Dalai Lamas are Skilled Politicians

The Dalai Lama is a skilled politician as all Tibetan Buddhist Dalai Lamas have been for many centuries. Dalai Lamas are the political Head Lamas of Tibet. It is the Panchen Lamas who, for centuries, have been the spiritual Head Lamas of Tibet. But, after the Dalai Lama’s recent political defeat in a democratic election, he decided to nominate himself to be Tibet’s Panchen Lama and spiritual Head Lama of Tibet.

The truth is that Buddha was an oral teacher in India, who did not write down anything and who died from eating contaminated pork. Most of “Buddha’s teachings” actually come from India’s King Asoka who created the Buddhist religion so he could cost effectively rule a conquered people. The Roman Emperor Constantine used the same strategy in 325 AD when he created Christianity,

Buddha himself studied the spiritual wisdom and techniques of the 7th Chosen One called Guan Shi Yin in China and Avalokitesvara in India. The 8th Chosen One, Jesus, (whose real initials are JBP), also studied Avalokitesvara’s teachings in India during his 13th to 29th years, which were deliberately omitted from Constantine’s Bible.

The truth is JBP or Jesus rejected Asoka/Buddha’s teachings, as he wrote about in his “Secret Autobiography” when he founded his Desposyni Church. When JBP returned to Israel as the 8th Chosen One, he taught people his own amazing wisdom and techniques, as well as the teachings of Avalokitesvara, the 7th Chosen One and the 6th Chosen One called Enoch in the Bible, who was known as Thoth Hermes Trismegistus in Egypt and Fu Xi in China.

The Desposyni’s 1,981 year long Vow of Silence requested by JBP, or Jesus, has ended and our lineage’s ancient history, wisdom and techniques, including a 3 CD set for cancer self healing and 4 CDs on JBP’s “Secret Autobiography” are now being made available to people in order to help AIDS orphans.

In summary, the Dalai Lama is a skilled religious politician, but the Dalai Lama doesn’t have the true spiritual knowledge of life or the true spiritual wisdom that any of 100 Desposyni Elder Brothers and Sisters have, and that includes a 12 year old Elder Sister and next month, we will have a 9 year old Elder Brother.


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