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Real Life Exorcisms

Most people think exorcisms only happen in movies like R.I.T.E. Most people are unaware that there are demons in the “Spirit” world who seek to experience earthly pleasures using someone else’s body while they wait for a new physical body for their next incarnation. Angels and Ascended Ones do not enter human bodies, (regardless of new age channelers’ claims). But, demons use a variety of ways to suck life force energies from people, including partial possessions, (as seen by new age channelers’ actions).

Possession is far more common than people can begin to imagine. This is why all Desposyni Elder Brothers and Sisters are experienced exorcists, including our youngest Eldest Sister who is 12. However, our exorcisms use a flow of Rapture level Love Energies and give the possessed person a series of free will choices.

The first exorcism I gave was in May 1998, while teaching Love Energy Techniques in New England. I was enjoying a quiet moment outside when the woman whose home I was staying in during my visit, rushed up to me, said, “You’d better come inside!”, and quickly walked back inside the rented hall.

I walked inside and found people gathered in small groups finishing their catered lunch. Everything looked normal. Then, I saw at the far side of the room, a man was sitting in a chair, a man standing behind him and a man sitting on the floor beside him, with a strange look on his face. My Holy Spirit’s Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness were fully energized from teaching, and when the man in the chair saw me, an unearthly scream erupted from him. His eyes turned bright red and green stuff came from his nose.

People in the hall, who hadn’t prayed in 20 years, were suddenly on their knees, praying. Unfortunately I had no training in exorcisms, since all North American Desposyni Elder Brothers and Sisters were assassinated in the 19th century. Fortunately, in 1997 I had discovered Jesus’ esoteric wisdom in documents he left to me and knew exactly what to do. I walked up to the man as snarls erupted and green stuff flowed, told him how to breathe in Love Energies, and upon touching his Soul with Rapture level Love Energies, the demon inside him instantly left.

It is counterproductive to scream in anger, or abuse. the person being exorcised. If free will decisions are not given to the person being exorcised, then possession will return! In a Desposyni exorcism, we teach the person how to breathe in Love Energies and how to breathe out a demon’s energies. Then, we direct a flow of Rapture level Love Energies into a person’s Soul dislodging a demon’s hold on a person, enabling the person, if they choose to breathe in Love Energies and breathe out the demon’s energies.


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