The Announcements - Compilations of Recent Informational Releases

Creation, the Truth about God and the Theory of Everything

Love is the Answer to Everything

Ga Ra and Za Ra's Legendary Adventures in New York's Finger Lakes District, 1, 000 Years Ago

Attain Enlightenment, the Wisdom and the Techniques

Serenades of Love

Creating Sacred Healing Waters, the Wisdom and the Techniques

The Truth why “All Religions Fear Me”

Science verifies my Cancer Wisdom

MDs say “Eat Shit” if anti-biotics fail

13-9-9 Power Water

The Truth about Colloidal Waters

The Truth about Negative Ions

Alchemy Works at the Sub-Atomic Level

Why Electrons Around the Earth Disappear During Solar Storms

Ghost Hunters and Ghost Removal

Bill Gates, the demon who uses big money to hinder Natural Health Care

The Morgellons Enigma

Real Life Exorcisms

All Dalai Lamas are Skilled Politicians

LeRoy’s Teen Girls are not Hysteric

The Desposyni's Eldest Brother is the Comforter

Ancient Secrets Revealed, A 1,981 Year Vow of Silence Ends

Explanation of Ancient Carvings sent to “City of David” Archeologists who requested help in deciphering some recently discovered carvings





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