We are Desposyni and the actual descendants of Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s 3 children. Our Desposyni Church is the original and true church of our ancestors. We offer individuals our ancestors’ actual esoteric wisdom and techniques. Many people talk about helping others but as Desposyni, we “walk our talk”, properly helping others following the actual Service to Others path in life our ancestors followed and taught to others.

New: Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene went to Scotland and taught Love Energy Techniques to the Scottish family whose son married their daughter. A thousand years ago, one of their descendants Quetzalcoatl, a royal Scottish Warrior Senior High Priest of the Desposyni founded the Knights Templar, located the Ark of the Covenant, had a vision with one of the Ark’s crystals, used an Ark’s map to find the Americas and marry Kukulkan, the Mayan Senior High Priestess Princess known as White Buffalo Calf Woman. Click to read more about this amazing couple. Click to order Mini Book #1.

Today’s Desposyni include two advanced spiritual adepts who daily activate 9 Merkabas like their ancestors, Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene. They are known by their Egyptian Gnostic names of Ga Ra and Za Ra. They have worked unceasingly separately to help others for over 20 years and together since 2012 so at this critical time, they could give people around the world an opportunity to use their ancestors’ One Merkaba Activation Technique.

Now that we have completed our One Merkaba Activation Technique, we find conditions worldwide are deteriorating rapidly. Thus, we chose not to wait until we had a full website and decided to give you immediate access to our Desposyni wisdom and techniques. We created this partial website with a few articles and some pictures so you may read, feel and see the Love Energies of our ancestors’ flowing through us in our words and actions. We will be updating and expanding our website frequently.

Desposyni Wisdom – Now Available:

Desposyni Wisdom – Coming Soon:

  • Additional Information about the History of Desposyni
  • The Bible’s God is the low level god of the Chaldean Shepherd Kings
  • The Truth of Megiddo and the Final Battle of Armageddon

Free Desposyni Techniques and Tastes of Love Energies:

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  • A Free Online Taste and Test of Unconditional Love Energies. Can you feel a difference between Conditional Love Energies and Unconditional Love Energies? Listen to 2 very short recordings that contain different levels of Unconditional Love Energies that determine what type and level of Love Energies you can feel. In addition, the etheric energies in Ga Ra and Za Ra’s voices create a state of energetic excitation in the DNA of Desposyni who are direct descendants of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene. Click Here for our Free Online Love Energy Taste and Test.
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