Desposyni – A Greek word meaning “Of the Lord”
We are Direct Descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

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Announcements – Compilations of Recent Informational Releases
(including a 1,981 Year Vow of Silence Ends, Alchemy, 13-9-9 Power Water, and more)

A Short Summary of Our 1,981 Year History

30 AD Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene, his parents, his brothers, his sisters and other relatives, form a group called Desposyni. These family members and a few of the apostles create the Desposyni Church. Their descendants have kept the truth of Jesus’ wisdom and techniques alive for 1,981 years.

318 Desposyni are told that Jesus’ teachings were now being replaced with teachings that agreed with the Roman Empire’s philosophy and the power of salvation no longer came from Jesus but from the Emperor Constantine.

325 Desposyni go underground after the Roman Emperor Constantine’s delegates use physical force on attendees at his Council of Nicea in order to assure passage of Roman Emperor Constantine’s version of Christianity.

1000 Amaru and the first Desposyni arrive in the Americas. “Amaru” is the name people in Peru gave to a royal Scotsman who, as recorded in the legends of the Americas, “wore a white tunic with a cross”. The Desposyni’s First Eldest Brother’s name of Amaru translates as “Quetzalcoatl” in Mexico.

1997 The Desposyni’s last Eldest Brother, led by visions, discovers a secret cave with documents from Amaru, Jesus, Enoch and others. In one document, Jesus asks the Eldest Brother, whom he calls the Comforter to wait until a year and a month before December 21, 2012 Grand Alignment, (a day Jesus called Judgment Day, before distributing writings of his life.

2011 In November, the Desposyni’s last Eldest Brother begins releasing to people around the world, the Secret Autobiography and Esoteric Wisdom of JBP, (aka Jesus the Christ), in a series of $12 CDs to help orphans.

2012 The last Eldest Brother, “The Comforter”, releases his Autobiography and Wisdom to help people and combines his wisdom with the Christ’s techniques to create 3 CDs for the self healing of cancer.

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The Secret Autobiography and Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ

In 30 AD Jesus and his family founded the Desposyni Church. Late in the 1st century, when the time came for Jesus to physically Ascend back to the “Barbelo”, he gave his writings to family members and stored copies of all his documents in the Ark of the Covenant.

Jesus reburied the Ark exactly where he and Mary Magdalene had found it years earlier. Unfortunately, over the centuries many Desposyni were deliberately murdered by both Catholic and Protestant Pauline Christians. But, in the 1800s many Desposyni were simultaneously murdered, including all of the Elder Brothers and Sisters.

And so it was that much was lost until the end of the 20th century when in 1997, the last Eldest Brother of the Desposyni Church received a number of visions while performing a series of ancient sacred ceremonies in an ancient sacred valley.

The last Eldest Brother went to the location that had appeared to him in his visions and in this way, he was able to recover Amaru’s copies of ancient documents, including Jesus’ secret autobiography and his esoteric wisdom.

The Eldest Brother found among Jesus’ writings a personal note written to him by Jesus, it was addressed to the last Eldest Brother of the Desposyni Church and in the note, Jesus called the Eldest Brother, “The Comforter”.

Gospel of John 14:26, Jesus said “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”

Jesus requested the Comforter to keep his writings secret and not to release his information to help people’s “remembrance” about God and creation until one year and one month before Judgment Day.

The Desposyni’s last Eldest Brother has now recorded a vast amount of Jesus’ writings onto “The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ”, CDs 1 to 3 and “The Secret Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ”, CDs 101 to 104..

Like Jesus, we do not seek earthly rewards. CDs are $12 and $5 from each CD goes to AIDS orphans. $5 will feed 1 orphan, 3 meals a day for 3 days. At tin shack day care centers, a thousand AIDS orphans receive 3 meals a day.

CD #1 of “The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ”
First CD in the series explains Jesus’ real name, his surname and his “Lost Years”, (the years deliberately left out of the Bible, from age 13 to 29), when Jesus traveled to England and the Orient to study Enoch’s true teachings.

CD #2 of “The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ”
In the 2nd CD Jesus explains his discovery of the Ark of the Covenant’s wonders, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, their 3 children, how he survived crucifixion and the preparations he made for his Physical Body Ascension.


CD #3 of “The Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ”
In the 3rd CD Jesus explains his gift of a Black Madonna Cathedral to be built in the 11th century to honor his wife Mary Magdalene, the power of Teraphim, the bestowing of Souls, his coming Ascension back to the “Barbelo”, what it means to be a Son of God, the Last Supper’s sacred food and the 144,000.

Click here to order CDs. Cost $12 per CD. Save by ordering all three autobiographical CDs for $33. ($5 from each CD sold feeds one AIDS orphan 3 meals a day for 3 days, or for 9 days with a sale of 3 CDs).

Click here to order digital downloads. Cost $9 per CD. Save by ordering all three autobiographical digital CDs for $24.30. ($5 from each CD sold feeds one AIDS orphan 3 meals a day for 3 days, or 9 days on sales of 3 CDs).

CD #101 of “The Secret Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ”
In the 1st Esoteric Wisdom CD the last Eldest Brother describes how he was led to his discovery of the secret writings of Jesus, Enoch and Amaru. Then, the Eldest Brother reads Jesus’ words on how to prepare for “Ascension”, secrets about “halos”, his personal wisdom about Archangels, “Inner Stars of David” and how the key to Heaven is found within one’s Mind and Soul.

CD #102 of “The Secret Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ”
In the 2nd CD Jesus describes the highest level in creation, the “Barbelo of Christ Consciousness”. Jesus also talks about the state of Conscious Awareness called Enlightenment, as well as the concepts of karma and reincarnation. Jesus explains “New Jerusalem’s” many wonders, a place where there is no pain or death. Hear Jesus’ wisdom on how “walking the zodiac” enables one to levitate like Simon and cast out demons like himself.

CD #103 of “The Secret Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ”
In the 3rd CD, Jesus’ words describe the Lions of Jud-Ah’s healing traditions and the songs that healed people and levitated stones. Jesus reveals hidden secrets about an “Inner Star of David”, as well as ancient secrets about the Rapture and Ascension. Receive Jesus’ own End Times power prayer. Hear Jesus’ talk about the false prophet Saul/Paul and his explanations on the mystical wisdom in the sign of the cross and the concept of a “Holy Ghost”.

CD #104 of “The Secret Esoteric Wisdom of Jesus the Christ”
In the 4th CD, Jesus explains how suicide is not the answer to End Times Tribulations, how suicide leads to more suffering, the 3 levels of hell and the exact process of how Judgment Day will unfold. Hear how God sends a Son of God to bestow Souls, precisely why forgiveness leads to Ascension and how Suns of God use stardust to create planets.

Click here to order CDs. Cost $12 per CD. Save by ordering all 4 CDs for $46.76. ($5 from each CD sold feeds one AIDS orphan 3 meals a day for 3 days, or for 12 days with a sale of 4 CDs).

Click here to order digital downloads. Cost $9 per CD. Save by ordering all 4 digital CDs for $32.40. ($5 from each CD sold feeds one AIDS orphan 3 meals a day for 3 days, or 12 days on sales of 4 CDs).

Click here to see love in action. Online video describes CDs. Shows AIDS Orphans receiving love with their food. See love create an Angelic Glow.

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The Comforter’s Autobiography and Wisdom CDs

In the 1800s all Desposyni Elder Brothers and Sisters in America were assassinated to prevent the Comforter from being born in America as prophesized. Thus, the Comforter’s adventure in locating the secret writings of the Chosen Ones and his own self awakening journey, as the last of the Chosen Ones, has been quite interesting.

Imagine, every spiritual and religious group of people in the world, whose records or legends go back over a thousand years, have stories on what happens at the moment of birth of the last Chosen One. Hindus say the last Chosen One will be born to the roars of tigers, in Africa they say to the roars of lions and in the Americas it is to the howls of pumas and cougars.

Thus, the choice of the last Chosen One’s place of birth and the timing of his birth had to be quite unique. And so it was, from his first breath as a baby in the 1930s to present day, The Comforter has lead an interesting life, and after 10 years in complete seclusion, he has also gained a vast amount of esoteric wisdom.

And so it is after recording 3 CDs of the Secret Autobiography of Jesus and 4 CDs of JPB’s, or Jesus’, esoteric wisdom, the Desposyni’s last Eldest Brother, (as the Comforter), is now recording on CDs his own autobiography and combining his esoteric wisdom with that of JBP, or Jesus, to create a set of 3 CDs for Self Healing Oneself of Cancer .

CD #201 of The Comforter’s Autobiography
In the first CD of the series, the Comforter describes why his body needed to be born at a specific time, in one specific location. The Eldest Brother also details his near death experiences as a child, his lack of spiritual guidance, his numerous professional careers, becoming a TM teacher, leaving TM and finding out that TM’s lack of forgiveness techniques had seriously reduced the effectiveness of their meditation and levitation techniques. Hear how the last Eldest Brother discovered proper use of forgiveness techniques and the conscious activations of one’s Spiritual Energy Fields of Consciousness do enable one to truly “Walk with God”, just like Enoch and JBP, or Jesus.

Click here to order CD #201. Cost $12 per CD.
Click here to order digital downloads of #201. Cost $9 per CD.

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Why Our Sacred Sabbaths Are Still So Secret Today

Our Sabbaths are sacred. Our Sabbaths are not open to the public because people are not prepared for the heightened Love Energies that some people call the “Rapture”. Rapture level Love Energies are an integral part of every one of our Sabbaths.

Over the last 6 years, the Eldest Brother has slowly, every weekend, taught Desposyni around the world, the ancient Lions of Jud-Ah’s wisdom and techniques for performing action in Rapture level Love Energies.

As stated in ancient texts, there are many levels within God’s Energies of Unconditional Love. However, secular and religious people today are mostly limited to the earthly level Love Energies called Happiness.

Earthly level Love Energies are associated with earthly pleasures such as going to religious services at a church or temple, having sex with a consenting adult, and from a variety of earthly activities.

In addition, it should be noted that religious and secular people also do enjoy brief periods of Angelic level Love Energies such as when one has a sexual orgasm, or when one receives, in person, a heartfelt “thank you” from a person in need that one properly helped.

Yet, these energies of earthly Happiness and Angelic Joy are like the energies of depression and unhappiness to individuals who perform action in the Archangelic level Love Energies of Bliss and the Rapture level Love Energies that exist far beyond the level of Bliss.

The wondrous energies of Bliss and Beyond Bliss can be accessed by individuals who have received the 2nd Soul of an Archangel. Long ago, ancient people knew that all people received an Angelic level Soul with their baby body’s first breath.

Early “non-Pauline” Christians were also able to receive Archangelic Souls, ( a 2nd Soul), from spiritual adepts who had been personally trained by Jesus or his Desposyni. An Archangelic level Soul contains Love Energies which enable and empower one to receive the “Barbelo” level Love Energies that some call “The Rapture”.

Desposyni once again have all of Jesus, Enoch/Thoth and the other Lions of Jud-Ah’s true teachings and techniques. Thus, every Sabbath, since the Vow of Silence ended, we have been using Rapture level Love Energies from the “Barbelo level of Christ Consciousness”, to visit “New Jerusalem”.

Every Sabbath, we use Love Energies the exact way St. John the Mystic did when he visited New Jerusalem as he described in his “Book of Revelation”. Our Sacred Sabbaths must remain Secret because only trained individuals can safely perform action in the Barbelo’s Rapture level Love Energies.

Only individuals who have received a 2nd Soul, (as described in the “Gospel of Thomas”), are energetically prepared for one of our Sabbaths. Each of our Sabbath Gatherings are spiritual energy workouts, where we perform action in Rapture level Love Energies for 2 to 5 hours every Saturday.

Would you like to taste Archangelic Bliss level Love Energies? If so, attend a One Day Love Energized Workshop, (or a Two Day Angelic Love Energized Weekend). Email for more information.

Note: You can also receive a taste of Angelic Joy level Love Energies by using our “Free by Email - Angelic Spiritual Techniques and Power Prayers.”

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One Day Love Energized Workshops – Feel the Love

Ancient people knew that the emotional energy people call “Love” contains multiple levels of energies. Long ago, “Chosen Ones”, whom people called the Lions of Jud-Ah, taught a series of techniques that enabled spiritual adepts to access multiple levels of Love Energies.

These Chosen Ones, (like Thoth/Enoch and Jesus), long ago taught people the wisdom and techniques for Angelic level Love Energies that enabled and empowered one to heal one’s own physical body.

Chosen Ones, (who come every thousand years), also teach people the advanced Archangelic level Love Energy techniques and wisdom that enable and empower one to heal one’s own Angelic level Holy Spirit.

Then, to those who are ready, Chosen Ones teach Lord’s level Techniques that enable and empower spiritual adepts to use Love Energies to heal the physical bodies and Angelic Holy Spirits of others.

Desposyni One Day Love Energized Workshops enable and empower people to “Feel the Love”. Every Desposyni Elder Brother and Sister is a spiritual adept who will give you a series of unique opportunities to “Feel the Love”.

Opportunities include receiving Joy, Bliss and Rapture level Love Energies in various ways, such as drinking Sacred Miracle Healing Waters and on the center of one’s forehead, receiving a drop of ancient Sacred Anointing Oil.

The Vow of Silence has ended, so we Desposyni now offer True Knowledge of Love Energies in One Day Love Energized Workshops. True Knowledge means one receives the ancient wisdom about the Love Energies and the spiritual effects of a ceremony/technique, as well as personally experiencing the Love Energies and the spiritual effects of a ceremony/technique.

God’s Energies of Unconditional Love are available to us in many ways. However, the energies of Unconditional Love vary greatly in levels of intensity, ranging from Earthly Happiness and Angelic Joy to Archangelic Bliss and Lord’s level Energies Beyond Bliss.

Each Desposyni One Day Love Energized Workshop explains a vast amount of ancient wisdom including:

  • The actual first name of Jesus and his family’s surname, as well as his Lions of Jud-Ah’s family history. Learn how Enoch/Thoth was the first Lion of Jud-Ah after the Great Flood of Noah’s Ark.

  • Receive details about the levitation techniques which Jesus learned during his studies in India, that enabled him to walk on water, and his brother, Simon, to be able to levitate, as documented, in the air up to heights beyond that of the Roman Coliseum.

  • Learn secret information about the hidden code words in the Old Testament from the family records of those who walked out of Egypt with “The Moses”.

  • Information from Jesus’ and the Lions of Jud-Ah’s ancient writings that explain how one can “bilocate”, or travel in one’s Spirit, just like John the Mystic wrote about in his “Book of Revelation” and that Jesus taught Mary Magdalene, as described in her “Gospel of Mary”.

  • As promised long ago, ancient wisdom behind the “Sign of the Cross”, a “Camel Going Through an Eye of a Needle”, Jesus is “The Way”, Dancing in Love Energies and much more is now being explained in “plain words”.
Each Desposyni One Day Love Energized Workshop also offers one some amazing personal experiences including:
  • The Lions of Jud-Ah’s Sacred Miracle Healing Waters Consumption Ceremony, where one is able to drink colloidal gold and/or silver water made in a Rapture level Love Energized Environment.

  • Learn to dance in Angelic level Love Energies of Joy using “Flower Children” music, a unique emotional cleansing technique that removes stress and replaces it with the energies of Joy.

  • A “Whole Brain Thinking Treatment” using Teraphim and a ceremony with Lord’s level Love Energies creates a state of “Temporary Enlightenment” and both hemispheres of the brain work in unison.

  • The Lions of Jud-Ah’s Ceremony of prayers and techniques used by Elder Sisters, (called “Mary”), that awakens both the Angelic level Love Energies of Joy as well as the Archangelic level Love Energies of Bliss within one’s Body, Mind and Soul.

  • The ancient Holy Anointing Oil Ceremony on one’s forehead is a truly unique experience that was used by Thoth/Enoch, Jesus and the Lions of Jud-Ah for thousands of years, to awaken the Love Energies of Angelic Joy and Archangelic Bliss within one’s Body, Mind and Soul.

Email to register for a One Day Love Energized Workshop, and/or receive more information about them.

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Self Healing Workshops for Cancer and All Diseases

One Day Workshops are for people who wish to prevent cancer, or any form of disease, and for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, or any form of disease, but whose bodies have not been subjected to deadly nuclear radiation and unnaturally densified chemicals.

If one’s body is in emotional harmony, then after attending a One Day Workshop and several weeks of doing the workshop’s daily self healing techniques, one’s cancer, or any form of disease, should be going into, or have already gone, into remission or even be completely gone.

However, if one’s body is not in harmony, then it might take a few extra weeks in order to get one’s body into energetic equanimity and emotional harmony before one can fully begin to self heal oneself of all diseases.

In this One Day Self Healing Workshop, you will learn the ancient spiritual wisdom and have demonstrated to you, the ancient and modern spiritual techniques that can cure all forms of disease, including cancer.

You will also have class time to practice these self healing techniques and time to integrate the heightened Love Energies used in these ancient advanced self healing techniques.

Email to register for a One Day Workshop or to obtain more information.

The History of our Self Healing Workshops began in 1997, when a series of visions led the Desposyni’s last Eldest Brother, (The Comforter), to a place where information from JBP, (or Jesus), Amaru, (or Quetzalcoatl), Thoth Hermes Trimegistus, (or Enoch), and others of his 10,000 year lineage had been hidden for a thousand years.

After 14 years of translations and ponderings, he is now speaking the truth of his lineage’s ancient wisdom to those who listen. His personal vow of silence for 14 years, (required of every Chosen One), ended in October 2011.

Thus, he immediately began recording the Lion’s of Jud-Ah’s 8,000 years of wisdom and his 10,000 year lineage’s wisdom onto a series of CDs, while simultaneously making modifications to a 10,000 year alchemical formula. The Comforter’s new enhanced Sacred Miracle Healing Waters have now been tested and the results are amazing.

In January, 2012, the Comforter recorded a set of 3 CDs about self healing wisdom and techniques from his 10,000 year lineage, as well as from JBP, (or Jesus), and the Chosen Ones of his Lions of Jud-Ah’s 8,000 year lineage. The amazing collection of 3 CDs is now available for download or by CD.

Click Here to order this amazing collection of 3 CDs, now available by download or in a CD.

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Today’s Desposyni Church Elder Brothers and Sisters

Every Elder Brother and Sister of the Desposyni Church is a trained teacher of ancient spiritual techniques, an experienced healer and a capable exorcist, exactly like the apostles and original Desposyni were during Jesus’ time.

Underground Desposyni Church locations around the world are once again openly teaching Jesus’ method of sacred dancing, his esoteric wisdom and performing sacred ceremonies, despite centuries of inquisitions and witch hunts by God fearing Catholic and Protestant Pauline Christians.

Below are brief summaries of a few Desposyni Elder Brothers and Sisters:

North American male: Successfully given over 9,000 healing treatments, including instant cancer remission in adults and children. Was taught ancient healing songs in March 2009 and became the first person on earth in hundreds of years to sing broken bones back into place that were sticking out through the skin. (Former computer programmer sold all possessions to spend 3 years in Africa giving healing treatments to AIDS orphans.)

African female: Successfully given thousands of healings to orphaned and destitute children in the AIDS ravaged slums of Johannesburg. instantly healed a boy blind from birth. Founded a non-profit organization which now provides loving services to over 1000 HIV/AIDS affected children. Isolated the AIDS virus and has successfully healed people of the AIDS dis-ease and cancer. (Former South African diplomat in South Africa’s equivalent of the White House who gave up career to heal and help homeless AIDS orphans.)

African male: Successfully given thousands of healing treatments to AIDS orphans living in city slums and remote tribal areas. Original member of AIDS orphan relief organization. (Former owner of a graphic design studio who closed down his business, sold his home and moved to a remote tribal area to give free ancient healing treatments to AIDS orphans).

African male: Successfully given thousands of healing treatments to AIDS orphans who live in remote tribal areas. Original member of AIDS orphan relief organization. (Former director of a leading South African company who resigned, sold his home and investments to spend the last 5 years giving ancient Essene healing treatments to AIDS orphans.)

North American female: Successfully trained hundreds in advanced techniques throughout Europe, North America and French Polynesia. Has successfully exorcised demons from hundreds of suffering people throughout the world, including children. (Former investigative journalist and magazine editor who left her career to discover the real truth of life.)

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Malachy’s Prophecies, Book of Revelation

Malachy’s Prophecies

St. Malachy, (1094-1148), was an Irish Desposyni elder brother, who died (exactly as he had predicted 9 years earlier), on November 2, 1148, with a fellow Desposyni, St. Bernard, beside him at Clairvaux, France. In 1140, St. Malachy gave his prophecies, consisting of 111 verses, to Pope Innocent II.

Malachy’s prophecies contain 111 verses, a verse for every pope who would ever be elected before planet earth is “cast into a lake of fire.” A total of 111 popes have now been elected, the 111th being Pope Benedict.

However, there is, a 112th name. Petrus Romanus was added to Malachy’s list of popes, after the original 1820 printing of the prophecy. The Petrus Romanus in St. Malachy’s original writings is not listed as an elected pope, but he is a good hearted priest who will do his best to care for those left behind, after the time of Physical Body Ascensions.

And so it will be that after the time of the Physical Body Ascensions, Christians around the world will know they have been misled by their priests and pastors. Rome’s Christians will storm the Vatican and execute Pope Benedict, as described in the 1917 Vision of Fatima’s 3rd Secret listed below.

The official publicly released Vatican version of the 3rd Secret of Fatima is: “After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: ‘Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.”


The Book of Revelation

The “Book of Revelation” was written by St. John the Mystic, a Desposyni elder brother, while living in a cave on the Isle of Patmos. John used certain Desposyni prayers and spiritual techniques Jesus taught him, enabling him to perceive his visions at the Lord’s level of Conscious Awareness.

St. John the Mystic then describes his Lord’s level visions as they were happening to several Desposyni family members in the cave who wrote in John’s own words, what he was seeing in his visions.

As described in the Secret Autobiography of Jesus the Christ CD series, JBP’s, or Jesus’, ancestors were among those who came out of Egypt with “The Moses” and the “Ark of the “Covenant”. Thus, we Desposyni have True Knowledge of both the New and Old Testaments of the Bible.

Book of Revelation 20:14-15:
And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.


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Free By Email - Angelic Spiritual Techniques and Power Prayers

To receive the free Desposyni Angelic Spiritual Techniques and Power Prayers and experience the Energy of Love that results in the emotions of joy and happiness, email us at

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